Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2016 Classes are Posted!

 In line with my intentions of teaching more classes in the coming year, I've posted my workshop offerings on my website. There is a nice mix of "salon" style mini-workshops in the evenings (and I'm open to more if you have suggestions), and 1 and 2 day workshops. These will be taught in my home studio (still yearning to name this sacred space) in Los Gatos, CA, a space that is becoming more and more special to me as my wonderful students attend classes. 

Starting in February is my series of 2 1/2 hour classes where I will offer demonstration and individual student help on specific topics ranging from making glass headpins on wire, using presses, making striped cane and twisties, and hand shaping. These are meant to help beadmakers that have some experience already to perfect their skills. They are very affordable at $85, and small enough to allow a lot of individual help.

In April I'm also offering a one day workshop on making flameworked glass cabochons for snap jewelry. I've been doing this for over a year now and it's quite fun, and sells really well.  If you haven't heard about the newest trend from Europe, have a look at the snap charm jewelry section of my Etsy shop and tell me this doesn't get you excited.

I'm also going to be teaching my electroforming class again, this time in my own studio in June. If you've ever wondered how to fabricate something entirely new (and often organic) to transform your bead or other artistic work, this is your class. You don't have to be a flameworker to take this class - this skill is useful to many different creative types. We will learn about equipment and where to buy it, how to electroform on glass and also organic materials such as pods, twigs, etc, and I'll help you to learn ways of troubleshooting your setup when things aren't working right. This class includes my written tutorial, as I think a student should be free to pay attention during class and not have to scribble every detail down.
So, if any of these offerings interests you, please check out the full class descriptions on my website.  The best way to reserve your seat is to go ahead and purchase the class, but if this is challenging for you in any way you can contact me to save a seat and we can discuss payment options.  Thanks for looking!

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