Sunday, August 28, 2016

New - Snap Jewelry Supplies!

Have you heard about the snap jewelry trend? It started in the Netherlands and has spread to the U.S. This interchangeable jewelry system allows you to create your own unique look every time you wear the jewelry. Remember the Pandora and Troll bracelet craze? Well, it's kind of like that. The base jewelry items are readily available on the internet (look for items that say "compatible with Noosa or Ginger Snaps jewelry", and include everything from earrings, simple pendants, to leather bracelets and more, each with varying numbers of snap settings into which you can click your favorite artisan snap charms. Of course, the ones I'm most fond of are made from hot glass. It's quite addictive, and I find that customers new to this idea want to spend lots of time in my booth choosing from my selection of snap charms to make their own one of a kind jewelry pieces.

I have started teaching the ins and outs of making jewelry in this way, and I am offering supplies to make them in my new Big Cartel shop.  There you can find the 15mm cabochon mandrels that I have specially made for my own use and in my classes, snap bezels (into which you epoxy the glass cabochons), and findings to create your own styles of snap jewelry. I'll be adding more findings soon, so please visit often.
 Interchangeable snap jewelry necklace collaboration with Stephanie Sersich, from the recent Hands of the Maker II Exhibit, on display at the Rhino Gallery in New Orleans. The magnetic clasp is behind the flower focal.

Summer snap jewelry bracelets.
Black and white silver 5-snap bracelet.
The cabochons are quite fun (and fast, at 15mm across) to make, and you'll soon find yourself hopelessly addicted to making these tiny works of art. It's also fun to hear the distinctive "click" sound as you pop the "charm of the day" into your own unique piece of jewelry. And the possibilities for making pieces that are truly unique to your style are expanding, as the findings are amenable to your own unique spin on materials, such as leather, fiber, or metal, as you can see in the collaborative piece above.
Magnetic clasp leather snap necklace.
Putting it on and taking it off is simple!

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Sharon Driscoll said...

Looks great Patty! I love the new facets your jewelry is taking on. Do more of the Sersich inspired pieces. They're fascinating!


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