About Me

I have been playing with hot glass for a while now.  In 2003 I happened to take an introductory bead making class, and with great stress I produced a number of horrible UFOs (Unidentified Fried Objects).  I was terrified of the flame, and completely useless.  But there was no turning back; my curious passion for bead making was awoken and it has not slept since.  It mystifies me to this day that I had never seen a lampwork bead before I took my first class, and would not see any for several months as I practiced cautiously in my garage. 

Since then I have been thrilled to take classes with some incredible teachers in PMC, electroforming, and bead making, and I’m always trying to expand my skills.  And now, instead of feeling fearful, I melt glass to relax.  I am mostly a self taught jewelry designer, and I make things that I would like to wear.  I prefer to use simple, home-grown ingredients like fine silver wire, metal clay, fiber and glass to make pieces that nobody else has.  I make my own clasps and other components from metal clay (100% pure silver), copper and brass so you can be assured that your piece is unique.  I especially like pieces that are fun, daring, different, and edgy.  I am a big fan of Art Jewelry magazine, and one day hope to have a tutorial published there.

Keeping in touch with my customers is important to me.  If you'd like to be informed of my latest news, hustle on over to the last tab that says “Sign Up for My Newsletter". About 3 times a year you'll get an email from me with show updates, information about new work, and coupon codes for private online sales.  

One of the things I find so fascinating, so addictive about this art is that the possibilities are endless - countless colors, techniques, styles. I have been lucky to have taken classes from some amazing artists who have taught me a ton of amazing and endlessly useful things about fine silver, glass, electricity, color, and form. I expect to continue learning and growing as a bead and jewelry artist for many years to come. So, that's my story. I will keep you informed as it evolves.

I am a member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) and Lampwork Etc., and am a registered Self Representing Artist (SRA #L-43).

When I'm not melting glass and making jewelry I enjoy cooking, gardening, fishing and hiking with my family and our exuberant chocolate lab,  and most recently, raising chickens.


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